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Beacon Urdu English Digital Dictionary ADM-1200


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12 Language Translator and English Dictionaries
English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Urdu, Hindi, Persian, Turkish, and Arabic & Chinese

Beacon electronic dictionaries offer unique features in a platform which have been developed considering the needs of the users. This product offers a 12 language translator packed with lots of other features like Collins British English Dictionary, Oxford American Dictionary, Phrase translator and Voice recorder.

This talking translator is not only suitable for a traveler but also for someone who is a student of languages or a professional who communicates in different languages.

It contains dictionaries from world’s most trusted names like Oxford and Collins making it the best companion for your ready reference.

Simply type the word and you quickly and easily find just what you are looking for; you can both see the word on the screen and hear it spoken aloud! Hundreds of thousands of word and sentences are translated and spoken.

Also included are games, exercises, grammar guides, calculators and much more
The sentence/phrase translator is a new feature which translates full sentences with sophisticated algorithmic technology with more than 60% accuracy

• 12 language translator: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Urdu, Hindi, Persian, Turkish, and Arabic & Chinese
• Collins British English Dictionary,
• Oxford American Dictionary- 250,000 words,
• Phrase translator and
• Voice recorder- over 2 hour capacity
• True Human pronunciation for 12 languages
• Extensive search feature finds phrases and words with ease
• Revolutionary sentence translator provides text translation in 12 languages with over 60% accuracy
• Learning and Grammar: Thousands of words in Verb conjugation, Noun Inflections and Adjective Inflections ( in English, French, German, Italian and Russian)
•Synonyms and Anonyms – English
•English Tests & games: Conjumania, guess the word and Hangman
•User Dictionary
•Voice matching features lets you compare your voice to professional native speakers pronunciation

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