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Casio Graphics Calculator FX-9860GII SD


Brand: Casio
Type: Graphics Calculator
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Calculator FX-9860GII SD over 1000 functions. Among them:
– Functions:
Graphs function of one variable functions and inequalities, graphs of functions in polar and parametric determination of the element, minimum maximum, the point of intersection graphs, graphs of inequalities, graphical solutions of equations, systems of equations and systems of inequalities, an array of functions, storing image , track point coordinates, graphs of functions in the two windows.
– Analysis and Algebra:
integrals, derivatives of first and second order, complex numbers, matrices, solving equations, systems of equations – up to six unknowns, solving patterns due to the indicated variable amounts.
– Statistics:
scatterplot, histogram, regression, normal distribution curve, mean, standard deviation, median, quartile, the value of estimators, tests, analysis of variance, confidence interval, random distribution.
Financial calculations:
percentage of simple, compound interest, capital flows (estimate investment), loan amortization, exchange rates, cost, margin, profit calculations on dates, cash flow, depreciation

Technical Specifications
Product Graphing Calculator
Manufacturer Casio
Model FX – 9860 GII SD
Display Monochrome, 64 x 128 pixels, 8 lines, 21 characters per line
Memory Capacity 62.000-BYTE User Memory and the 1,500,000-byte User Flash Memory
Housing and keys Plastic lid with a plastic calculator
Dimensions 184 x 91.5 x 21.2 mm
Weight 220 g
Communication With another calculator or a PC (via USB cable, USB cable included)
Power 4 x AAA batteries and CR-2032
Housing and keys Plastic lid with a plastic calculator
Battery Life 300 hours (90 hours for the model with the SD card slot if the card is in use)
The module battery saving Switch off after 6-60 minutes from the last operation
Pdostawowe functions:
The angle units (DEG, RAD, GRA)
Trigonometric functions
Inverse trigonometric functions
Hyperbolic Functions
Inverse hyperbolic functions
The exponential function
Systems of equations
Polynomial equations
Financial calculations Interest, per cent, assess investment (cash flow), depreciation, exchange rate rate (annual percentage rate and effective interest rate), cost, selling price, margin
Additional information
Weight 1 kg